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A lecturer from Asia shares his experience about the hijacked journal "Wulfenia"

On June.28.2014, Dr.  [Redacted] from [Redacted] ([Redacted] University) emailed me about his experience with the hijacked journal "Wulfenia". He had published an article in Wulfenia journal, but the article can not be seen in the search results of the respected database in Thomson Reuters:


Hello! Help me please! I am from [Redacted]. I published an article in the journal Wulfenia. But until now, not in the database, Thomson Reuters, but the journal is in the Thomson Reuters database. I can not understand why? I paid $ 540 for an article. I wrote in the journal, but there does not explain what's wrong


My response:

Dear Dr. [Redacted],

I saw the PDF article you sent me. Yes, that website is 100% a counterfeit website and you unfortunately published your article in a fake website that mimics the legitimate journal "Wulfenia". Click here to read my announcement of Wulfenia Journal hijacking.

Actually, the Wulfenia is among the first cases of journal hijacking in the world and I detected the hijacked journal Wulfenia in year 2012. The journal hijackers first created a counterfeit website for the legitimate journal, later they (or other hijackers) created some other fake journals for Wulfenia. I mentioned the Wufenia journal hijacking in some of my published papers as it belongs to the history of journal hijacking.

I also announced the counterfeit website of this hijacked journal in my official website and the hijacked Journal List 2014, first edition, June12.2014. I have some sign that lead me to a theory that the person who hijacked the Wulfenia journal, is behind of some other journal hijackings too. I will update the result of the investigation in future.


Regarding your own case of experience with Wulfenia journal, I can say the followings:

1. It is not your fault. Thousands of distinguished researchers, Ph.D. scholars, lecturers and professors in the world have already experienced similar cases.

2. I think (but not 100% sure) you can publish those articles in the real journals somewhere else, because, actually, they have not been published by a journal (A real journal) before, but some of cyber-criminals stole your articles in that way and published it in their fake websites. However, I am going to contact the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) on your specific case to ask them some standard procedure about this specific case as it is not only your own case. I will announce any update from COPE, regarding this matter, on my website, facebook, and twitter.

3. If you or your colleagues know any new suspicious journal that is not presented in my list of hijacked journals, please tell me about the suspected journal and its website and i will do a full examination on it to find out whether the journal is real or hijacked.


Regarding the methods on how to avoid the hijacked journals, I attached three PDF full-text into this email (You can also download them from my website at http://www.MehrdadJalalian.com). You can also click on the title of each of the three articles below, to enter the Researchgate and download their PDF:

1. Hijacked journal list (first edition) 

2. How to avoid Hijacked Journals

3. Bogus Impact factors and fake metrics

The first file, that you may already have it from my site, listed the fake journals that I found till June.12.2014. I have more fake journals that will be added to this list in second edition in July 2014, So, please like my Facebook page or Follow me in Twitter or in Researchgate so that you will be informed when I publish the second edition.

The second file, presents some practical ideas on how to avoid the hijacked journals. This file is published by Walailak Journal of Science and technology in Thailand, and have been shared thousands of times in the academia as it is currently the only reference for identifying the hijacked journals.

The third file, is my short article on Bogus and fake impact factors, that is another scam in the field of academic publishing.

I hope all of the attached files are useful for you. Please share the three attached files  with other scholars, PhD students, lecturers and also it is a good idea that the library of your university share this file in their online portal, as many other university libraries in the world did the same to announce this new scam and protect their researchers and lecturers. Please also forward a copy of those articles to the deputy dean of research and education in your university and any other universities you know.

I am available for delivering a free workshop in your university on hijacked journals, publication ethics, and publishing in high quality journals and methods of differentiating between fake and legitimate journals, upon your request. 

Warmest regards,

Mehrdad Jalalian



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