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An inquiry from Thailand: LAP publishing is broadcasting SPAMs to developing countries

On July.05.2014, Dr. Pensri Srisawat, a Ph.D. scholar and lecturer from Thailand(Institute of Physical Education), forwarded an email she had received from LAP publishing.

I know the LAP from a few years ago when they began to broadcast call-for-book SPAMs. They send SPAM to all email addresses of researchers in developing countries asking them to re-publish their theses with them, in the form of a book!

I, personally, do not recommend publishing with LAP, unless they change their manner. 

Actually, all theses and dissertations are under the copy-right of the respected universities and no one is allowed to just re-publish them with our written permission of the university.

A good question to be answered is that "what is the point to re-publish the theses by adding a book cover to them?"

Regarding the identity of the people behind LAP, I have also some questions in my mind; however, I do not care even if they are people from Sierra Leon who are behind LAP Germany. What I care is Publishing peer-reviewed materials (article, monographs, books, etc.); and publishing in an ethical manner.


This is the content of SPAM the LAP sent to Dr. Pensri Srisawat, (And to millions of other researchers in developing countries):


Dear Pensri Srisawat,

I am writing on behalf of an international publishing house, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing.

In the course of a research on the Institute of Physical Education Suphanburi Campus, I came across a reference to your research paper on "The Development of Online Instructional Media on Information Technology for Learning". As the topic of your research is of current interest to us, we would like to inquire if you have a complete scientific work such as a dissertation, a thesis or a monograph which you would like to publish in the form of a book.

We are an international publisher whose aim is to make academic research available to a wider audience and we would be especially interested in publishing your thesis in the form of a printed book.

Your reply including an e-mail address to which I can send an e-mail with further information in an attachment
will be greatly appreciated.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Ghenadie Braghis
Acquisition Editor

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing is a trademark of:
AV Akademikerverlag GmbH & Co. KG

Heinrich-Böcking-Str. 6-8,
66121, Saarbrücken, Germany

g.braghis(at)lap-publishing-house.com / www. lap-publishing . com

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Identification Number (Verkehrsnummer): 13955
Partner with unlimited liability: VDM Management GmbH
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