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An inquiry from Mahidol University (Thailand): Scientific Writing and Publication Ideas

On July.07.2014, a distinguished researcher and Professor from Thailand (Department of Pharmacognosy, Mahidol University, Bangkok), sent me an email to my researchgate page, asking for the full-text of my articles on scientific writing



Your article is the best guideline for my students. Please allow me to have your full paper.

Omboon Vallisuta


My response:


Dear professor,

You made my day by saying that my articles are useful for research and publication progress of your postgraduate students.

You can visit the section of "My educational articles" from the main menu of the website. However, I provide direct download link to three of my articles on scientific writing and publication ideas here. Please click on the title of each article below, to download the full-text pdf:


Article No1:


Writing an eye-catching and evocative abstract for a research article: A comprehensive and practical approach

About this article:

This is an article I published in 2012. The article teaches academic researchers how to organize each separate part of a structured abstract (Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions), how many sentences are needed in each part, and how to write each sentence of the separate parts of the Abstract. It focuses on the message of each sentence in the Abstract and lists some common mistakes that should be avoided in writing Abstracts.


Article No.2:


Writing for academic journals: A general approach


About this article: 

It is an important and difficult job to write and publish an academic paper. A large percentage of the manuscripts that are submitted to academic journals for publication are rejected because the author’s research is not credible or the manuscripts are poorly written. This paper provides a general approach and some key points for writing and successfully publishing journal papers.

An essential approach in preparing a journal paper is to follow the instructions provided by the target journal. Authors must follow the format and the template of the target journal when preparing their papers for submission. In this paper, we focus on some standard procedures for writing the three most common types of academic papers, i.e., review articles, original articles, and case reports.


I recommend this article to all of young researchers and postgraduate students who are going to have some ideas on writing their first journal papers.


Article No.3:


How do I Know if My Case Report is Good Enough to Publish?


About this article:

This article is a very short educational article on the publication ideas of case reports. I categorized the case report articles into four main types. If your case fits in each of the four categories, then I think you should go for writing a case report article from your case study research. This article was written specifically for medical case reports, but I am sure the ideas that are presented in this article are applicable to case studies in other fields of science, such as psychology, educational science, social science, and even engineering science.


Best regards

Mehrdad Jalalian



How to Write an Eye Catching Structured Abstract

Writing an eye-catching and evocative abstract for a research article: A comprehensive and practical approach

How to Publish in Peer-Reviewd Scientific Journals

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