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Sample of acceptance letter issued by hijacked journal Sylwan, and how I saved Spanish professors from publishing in a fake journal and loosing $440

On June.29.2014, Professor Dr. [Redacted] from Spain Sent me the acceptance letter he had been received from the hijacked journal Sylwan. I confirmed the acceptance letter was issued by a counterfeit website and saved him from losing $440 and publishing in a fake journal. So, I used this opportunity to show my readers another case of the acceptance letter issued by a fake journal:


Dear Author(s)

This is my pleasure to inform you that the paper entitled '[Redacted]' qualifies for publication in SYLWAN journal based upon the reviewers` positive comments on this paper.

1. To complete the publication process, please check the reviewers' comments in attachment and revise your paper based upon the comments if needed. Also check your paper layout to be in accord with the journal guidelines once more.
Please make your final version pdf considering 3.25cm margins from the bottom and the top of all pages. Remember not to use blank or white boxes to make the margins. It should be set from the page layout option in your word doc file. 

2. You are also required to pay the publication fee of your paper which is (440 USD). 
Please note that you have 3 working days to pay the required fee.
Click on the URL below to pay the fee (remember your transaction ID number): 
PAYMENT URL (440 USD): http://researchpioneers.com/440usd.html

3. When both your payment ID and the final version pdf of your paper are ready, please go to the URL below to enter and upload the information. 
Here is your username and password to login:
Username: [Redacted]
Password: [Redacted] 
UPLOAD URL: http://www.sylwan.ibles.org/artykul.html 

You`ll receive the formal acceptance letter soon afterwards and the paper will be sent to the publishing department to include your paper in our current issue. 
Note: please find the reviewers' comments in attachment

Editor in Chief, SYLWAN Journal



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