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Journal hijackers target science and open access 6368
Sample of acceptance letter issued by journal hijackers who control the counterfeit website for the hijacked journal "FAUNA ROSSII I SOPREDEL NYKH STRAN" 5492
The semi annual Italian journal titled "CADMO(Italian Journal of Experimental Pedagogy)has been hijacked by cyber criminals 3621
4th counterfeit website is detected for "Texas journal of science" 3383
The irregular publication titled "MAGNT RESEARCH REPORT" from Australia has been hijacked by the same person who hijacked the "Journal of technology" from Taiwan 7530
My latest short report article on "Interciencia hijacked journal" has been published in "Cyber News Alerts" 3320
The biggest journal hijacking project in the history of academic publishing: The journals "Natura", "Doriana", and two more have been hijacked. The hijackers also cheated the Thomson Reuters to provide link to their fake website "Revistas-Academicas.com" 5592
AGROCHIMICA, a publication of Pisa University Press (Italy) has been hijacked 6059
Journal of Technology, published by National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, has been hijacked 6950
The journal "Scientia Guaianae" has been hijacked by the same person who hijacked the journal of Balkan Tribological Association and Journal of American Medical Association 3255
Research-Technology Management (RTM) Journal has been hijacked by cyber-criminals, using an old phishing technique 5927
Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA): A potential victim for Journal hijacking? 3243
The journal of Balkan Tribological Association has been hijacked by cyber-criminals 6478
The journal "FAUNA ROSSII I SOPREDEL NYKH STRAN" has been hijacked 4632
A second counterfeit website is detected for Afinidad Journal 4717
Science record journals: a fake publisher belongs to the history 5775
The journal "Interciencia" from Venezuela is hijacked 4697
Hijacked journal list 2014, first edition, June 2014 24271
Journal Ciencia e tecnica vitivinicola is hijacked 11552
Afinidad journal is hijacked 8065
The journal "Mitteilungen Klosterneuburg" is hijacked! 13230
French journal “Pensee” is hijacked! 9870
Journal "Chemical and process engineering" is hijacked 4731
Sylwan Journal is hijacked + Phishing to steal your credit card 17186
Jokull Journal in Iceland is hijacked 11572
Journal Bothalia, from South Africa is hijacked by cyber criminals 10145
Warning: Bradleya Journal is hijacked 4128
A new fake impact factor is detected: ISI indexing! 7174
A new questionable metric product: Quality Factor! 3574
Tomas Publishing is a completely fake Publisher 3837
Journal "Emergencias", Indexed in Thomson Reuters, is hijacked 8924
Reef Resources Assessment and Management Technical Paper (RRAMT) is hijacked 7499
Texas Journal of Science is hijacked 6192
Wulfenia journal is hijacked by cyber-criminal 18308
Archives des sciences is Hijacked 9172

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