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Wulfenia journal is hijacked by cyber-criminal

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Wulfenia (ISSN: 1561-882X ) is actually an old news on hijacked journals.  Similar to the hijacking of the Archives des Sciences journal, I was the first person who identified this fake in 2012.  This hijacking was different from the first one in that the legitimate journal did not have an online presence; it was a print-only journal. This is the fake website URL: http://www.multidisciplinarywulfenia.org. The importance of the hijacking of this journal is that the Vulfenia Journal was hijacked by the same person who had hijacked Archives des Sciences earlier. I should add that no valid link from Thomson Reuters to the authentic website (last visit on June.12.2014).

Legitimate journal: http://www.landesmuseum.ktn.gv.at/210226w_DE.htm?seite=15

And three counterfeit websites detected for this journal hijacking so far:





The image below shows an screenshot of the hijacked journal




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