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Research-Technology Management (RTM) Journal has been hijacked by cyber-criminals, using an old phishing technique

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This is the latest update in the world of journal hijacking.

Research-Technology Management (RTM) Journal has been hijacked by cyber-criminals


This journal used to be published at http://www.iriinc.org for years; however, they moved to a newer place, a new website at http://www.iriweb.org from 2011. I checked the Thomson Reuters' master journal list and found that the link to the old website is still available there, so the website address was not updated. Cyber-criminals, in this case, registered a domain that resembles the authentic website of the journal (The old and offline website not the new one), with a minor difference of using "L" instead of "I". Since the capital "I" and Small "L" ( l ) looks like each other in the address bar of any internet browser, the cybercriminals used this technique in their Phishing attack when they created a counterfeit website for the journal at: http://www.lriinc.org

According to my experience of detecting hijacked journals, from the first time in the world that I detected three journal hijacking in 2012 (Archives Des Sciences, Wulfenia, and Texas Journal of Science) till today, this is the first time the cyber-criminals use this commonly used Phishing technique to hijack a scientific journal. Again, I emphasize that it is the responsibility of Thomson Reuters to provide a valid link to the real website of the journals they cover. 


The image below shows a screenshot from the first page of the legitimate journal in 2004:



And the image below shows a screenshot from the first page of the counterfeit website of the hijacked journal on July.14.2014:


And the image below shows a screenshot from the Fake journal, presenting their motto. Actually their motto is stolen from an Air-conditioning company in Canada (Meta Lab: http://www.metalabdesign.com/company )

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