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The biggest journal hijacking project in the history of academic publishing: The journals "Natura", "Doriana", and two more have been hijacked. The hijackers also cheated the Thomson Reuters to provide link to their fake website "Revistas-Academicas.com"

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The biggest journal hijacking in the history of academic publishing: The journals "Natura" from Netherlands, "Doriana" from Italy, "CAHIERS DES SCIENCES NATURELLES" from Switzerlands, and "Mexican Journal of international studies" have been hijacked, the hijackers also cheated the Thomson Reuters to provide link to their fake website


This is the biggest journal hijacking project ever, Their masterpiece. They not only created a fake website for four scientific journals, they also cheated the Thomson Reuters to provide a link to their fake website! I have some other information that links the hijackers of these journals to several other hijacked journals. So I call it the biggest journal hijacking project the academic world have seen. Here, I present some short information for this journal hijacking, but the comprehensive story together with linking these hijacked journals to other journals will be published separately in future as I need time to integrate all reports.


The journal hijackers, created a fake website on http://revistas-academicas.com/ to hijack four scientific journal.


I was researching on these journals from a few months ago. I looked in the master journal list of Thomson Reuters (MJL), I saw a link to their fake website is provided from Thomson Reuters. That was really unbelievable. I had a lot of proof that said those journals are all hijacked journals and the website of the publisher (Revistas Academicas) at the above address is all fake and scam. I called the Thomson Reuters several times and provided all information, finally, today, July.22.2014, they confirmed that the link to those websites from Thomson Reuters were wrong!

It clearly means that the journal hijackers cheated the Thomson Reuters to make it to provide link to the fake websites! I am really surprised what are the process of data management in Thomson Reuters!? Should we consider the information on Thomson Reuters valid and reliable? Isn't there any standard operating procedure (SOP) in Thomson Reuters routines on how to add a link to the website of the journals they cover? It should also be mentioned that many of the authors may sent their articles to those fake websites just because they found a link from the master journal list of Thomson Reuters to the fake websites.

I am going to write a full story about this experience, but for today, I present the latest response (confirmation) I have received from Thomson Reuters, and the detail of the legitimate journals:

Title Journal No.1: Natura, ISSN: 0028-0631

Title Journal No.2: Doriana, ISSN: 0417-9927


Title Journal No.4: Mexican Journal of international studies, ISSN: 1237-484X 


I checked the Thomson Reuters for the three ISI journals above, I found that the Thomson Reuters has corrected the link to the website of one of the above journals, but there is still a wrong link available to one of them, and no valid link is available to the other. I called them again and I hope they correct the rest of the information regarding the affected journals.

I am not sure how many of the university professors and lecturers and PhD Scholars are cheated by journal hijackers because of the wrong data provided by Thomson Reuters. I think Thomson Reuters should officially apologize as the information provided by them, made authors to trust the fake websites of hijacked journals and loose their money, reputation, and publish their research findings in fake websites.


Below, is the confirmation message I received from the Asian office of Thomson Reuters:

Dear Jalalian:

We appreciate your comment for this  hijacked website Issue.

Our Editorial department informed me that the hijacked website links have been removed from our Master Journal List.



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