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Reef Resources Assessment and Management Technical Paper (RRAMT) is hijacked

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Reef Resources Assessment and Management Technical Paper (RRAMT) (ISSN: 1607-7393) has nothing to do with the hijacked website of http://behaviorsciences.com. It’s all fake and a scam. The hijackers also created a fake email address for Patrice C. Mahon, the former editor of the “Secretariat of the Pacific Community” (SPC). I emailed the SPC to ask them about the hijacked journal and they confirmed the journal hijacking.

In addition, I found the real email address of one of the editorial members of hijacked journal and contacted him (Cloninger, Robert) and he confirmed he has nothing to do with the journal and is working to remove his name from the fake journal; However, I am not sure he will be successful.  I found the web-hosting provider of the hijacked journal and contacted them; the company refused to share any information about their customer. Actually, the RRAMT is not an active journal and only 1 monograph is published under this journal title in 2001.


The confirmation email in response to my inquiry is attached below:

Dear Mr Jalalian

This journal is a scam using our Organisation's name (Secretariat of the Pacific Community) to lure potential contributors.

SPC has nothing to do with www.behaviorsciences.com

The reef resources assessment and management document (Fiji) was published 14 years ago, and no other document has been published in this series.

We have informed Google and the FBI-C5.

Kind regards

Aymeric Desurmont

Fisheries Information Specialist

Secretariat of the Pacific Community

BPD5, 98848 Noumea Cedex

New Caledonia

Ph: +687 26 01 82




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