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My comment on the validity of "Inteciencia" journal

On June.18.2014, Professor David Bimler from New Zealand shard a valuable piece of information with me, about the suspected hijacking of "Interciencia", a journal from Venezuela:


Hi Dr Jalalian. I came across your Hijacked Journal List, while researching the problem myself. You are doing everyone a great service with your efforts to warn people.

Another one for your list: "Interciencia", from Venezuela. Original here:



Hijacked website here:



(I found it by searching Google for combinations of journal names already known to be hijacked, on the theory that anyone foolish enough or desperate enough to include *two* of them in a CV would probably be foolish enough to publish in a *third* hacked journal as well).


The same method also uncovered "Nautilus Journal" -- which is already on your list. It was not on the list maintained by Jeffrey Beall, so I informed him about that and "Interciencia".


Best regards, David Bimler


My response:

Hi David,

It is my pleasure to serve the great people like you. I really appreciate the precious information you shared with me and the readers of my website .

I performed a deep investigation on the suspected hijacked journal. I confirm that the journal "Interciencia" is hijacked. I have also some additional information about this case of journal hijacking as follows:

  1. I found some proof that says this journal is hijacked by the same person or group that hijacked the journal Emergencias a few months ago. So, you can consider this journal hijacking their new product after hijacking the journal Emergencias.
  2. Actually, this is not the first time in the history of journal hijacking that the same person hijacks more than one journal. According to the proofs I gathered, the journal "Wulfenia" (From Austria), was also hijacked by the same person who had hijacked the journal "Texas Journal of Sciences" (From United States) in 2012.

Regarding the counterfeit website for Inetrciencia, I can say that:

  1. The counterfeit website was registered on March.25.2014
  2. The journal hijacker pretends to be from Venezuela, as the legitimate journal belongs to a scientific society in Venezuela; However, the web-hosting service provider is a company from Armenia; and the server is physically located in Utah, in United States.
  3. I remember that the bank account of Switzerland hijacked journal "Archives des Sciences" was an account from an Armenian Bank, however, It does not mean the journal hijackers of Interciencia or Archives des sciences are Armenian as I have a 100% valid proof about the nationality of the person who registered one of the three counterfeit websites for Archives des Sciences and a counterfeit website for Texas journal of sciences; and he was from other country.
  4. The new findings together with previous documents I gathered, show that most of hijacked journals are hijacked at the same time on different counterfeit websites and by different persons or groups of hijackers.
  5. I checked the Thomson Reuters website; unfortunately, no valid link is available from Thomson Reuters to the legitimate journal of "Inetrciencia". This is the responsibility of Thomson Reuters to add a valid link to any journal that they cover.


Please download the latest edition of the "Hijacked Journal List 2014" from my website (A PDF article) and share it with all colleagues.


Again, thank you so much for sharing this valuable information with me and looking forward to hear from you in near future.


Mehrdad Jalalian



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